07.03.13 23:03:53  Vaido  @
I'm Vaido from Estonia and I collect beer cans specially ex-USSR.
If someone is interested to trade beer cans please contact me .
25.03.13 22:20:42  László Kaszai  @
Greeting from Hungary, If I know well, you collect beer cans... I have got same, what you are interested in it. If you want I can send pictures of them. Have you got name/ email address of somebody who lives in Russian/Estonia? And who are collecting beer/ energy drink/ Coca Cola/Pepsi cans? It is very important for me. For negotiation use e
27.03.13 21:11:34  kkpa  @
For negotiation use e-mail please.
02.09.13 21:02:49  Alex  @
Hi, my name is Alex. I collect 5-L and 1-L cans. My address: averalex3@mail.ru

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