CCBA organized 10th annual Int'l meeting for collectors in November, 3-4. The meeting was sponsored by OCHAKOVO brewery and visited by 240 collectors from different Russian regions and also from Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia and Germany. OCHAKOVO presented 500 litres of beer to collectors. CCBA produced special T-shorts with meeting's logo and figure "10". Also we had fast drink competition, non-professional degustation of 50 microbrewed beers, unlosing lottery and presentation of two new books about Russian breweries's history. CCBA awarded OCHAKOVO by diploma "For sponsoring of 10th Moscow meeting".

In September 22-23 more than 30 CCBA members from different cities and states took a part in 22th Ukrainian meeting for beer collectors in Lvov. Last meeting in Lvov was in far 1997 and this year event became some kind of anniversary. 170 participants were officialy registered, souvenirs pack and beer for free were available for every participant. Many thanks to organizators - R. Lozovyuk and Parshukov brothers!

Russian-German exchange meeting was organized by CCBA in Moscow in August 30. 12 beer collectors from Germany spent one evening in the capital of Russia on a half way from Mongolia to home.

In August 17th Moscow collectors visited small brewery "Pokrovskaya" in Pokrov, Vladimir region. This brewery now rented by Jozef Malina, where he brewes his own trade mark MALVAR beer. It was Mr. Malina who invited collectors to visit the brewery for excursion and tasting. Many thanks!

CCBA members visited "Buket Chuvashii" brewery in RUS-Cheboksary in the end of May. They met very friendly atmosphere the modern equiped brewery, tasted all kinds of "Buket's" beers and got a lot of souvenirs and 5L beer kegs also.

CCBA members A. Larin, I. Filippov and V. Shamov had new trip Lakinsk-Vladimir-Kovrov to taste new "Green Beer" with bamboo brewed by "Lyubets" Kovrov Brewing Co. (on the right photo). Also colectors visited "Favorit" bar in Vladimir where collection of decorated cask covers is. Thanks to brewers in Lakinsk, Vladimir and Kovrov for beer labels presented!

It was annual International exchange meeting in Hamm in March 17th. There were 500 participants from West Europe mostly. Petr Koverninski (CCBA) from UA-Kiev (centre) became only participant from C.I.S.



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