11th meeting for collectors was spent by CCBA in Moscow in October 25th-26th under OCHAKOVO brewery sponsorship. 237 participants from 39 Russian cities and guests from BY, UA, LT, LV, SK, D were registered. Every participant has got labels+coasters set, OCHAKOVO glass mug and free drought beer from this brewery. A.Yurov from RUS-Krasnoyarsk had longest trip to the meeting - 4000 km. He has got special prize - OCHAKOVO beer 0,5 L bottles pack. In "fast drinking" competition K.Zhizhko became the winner with result 9,1 sec for 0,5 L bottle. S.Speransky from RUS-Perm won head price of safe tombola - OCHAKOVO 6x2,5 L pack. Read the report in December KOLPIVATR magazine issue.

In October 4th-6th group of CCBA members accomplished trip on a route Moscow-Ulyanovsk-Samara-Kuznetsk-Penza-Moscow. The trip was timed to 2nd all-Russia meeting for collectors in Ulyanovsk, but besides that our club members have seen something worth seeing of Povolzhie cities, visited top beer pubs and VIZIT brewery in Kuznetsk. Special commemorative coaster was printed for this trip. Many thanks to our Povolzhie collector friends N.Kutuzov (Ulyanovsk), V.Panchenko (Samara), S.Prisyagin and V.Romanov (Penza), and special thanks to O.Olkhova from VIZIT brewery.

Russian beer collectors S. Perminov, N. Lomaka and V. Shamov did the trip to Belgrade Beer Festival. At this fest you can find all Serbian large beer brands, some serbian micro brews and exported beer from Belgium, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Germany. Read the report in next KOLPIVATR magazine.

CCBA local meeting in June 14th was spent at the Great Moscow beer festival. Our club is one of organizers of special festival exposition dedicated to history of brewing and beer accessories named "Pivnoy etiket". We shown labels from collections of Y. Shneider and V. Polezhaev, beer mini kegs from collection of A. Tkach. We also had place at the festival for exchange. We met collectorfriends from S.-Petersburg, Tula, N. Novgorod, Voronezh, Yaroslavl, Minsk and Bendery. Participants of the meeting have got beer and souvenirs from OCHAKOVO brewery.

14th Int'l exchange meeting was organized in D-Hamm in March 29th by FvB club in cooperation with Hamm administration and under Isenbeck beer brand. Hundreds of collectors took part in the meeting. The main subject of exchange - coasters, glasses and cans. CCBA club was represented by P. Koverninsky, D. Tamelis, V. Ukolovas and V. Shamov. Read the report in next KOLPIVATR.

After many years first meeting for collectors in Latvia was organized at Aldaris Brewery, Riga, in February 23th by local collectors I. Borshevsky and A. Shymens with Aldaris Brewery sponsorship. CCBA members from Moscow and other collectors from Estonia and Lithuania also took part at the meeting. Read the report in KOLPIVATR.

"Beer geography" ehxibition of rare and exotic beer labels and coasters will work in "PIV&Co" restaurant in Moscow from February 15th till March 15th. All accessories for exhibition given by CCBA members V. Shamov, Y. Shneider, V. Polezhaev from their collections. The exhibition consists of almost 200 accessories and gives "PIV&Co"s visitors idea about beers and breweries all other the World. In March 1st the exhibition will open for CCBA members collective visit with free beer and exchange opportunity.


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