12 International exchange meeting for collectors of beer accessories was organized by CCBA with OCHAKOVO brewery sponsorship in Moscow on 7-8.11.2009. More than 220 collectors from Russian regions, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania and Kazakhstan took part in the meeting (special guest - Enzzo Magniani from Italy). OCHAKOVO gave 420 litters of light and black draft beer, labels, coasters, Kaltenberg (licensed brand) glasses and other souvenirs for collectors. CCBA made commemorative pin and T-Shirt with meeting's logo for participants. Fast drinking competition and amateur beer tasting were held during the meeting. Read the report in KOLPIVATR bulletin 4(49)-2009.


Regular tasting at "Pivnoy etiket" beer shop on October, 15th. This time CCBA members have tasted Czech beers Ferdinand and Nova Paka. Here you can find the report about the tasting (on Russian).

Annual 24th Ukrainian meeting for collectors was organized in UTOG sanatorium, Kiev. More than 150 collectors from UA, RUS, BY, LV, LT, MD, EST, PL and SK took part in the meeting. Russian delegation was formed by more than 40 collectors. P.Chernyshev, General Manager of Slavutich brewery in Kiev (sponsor of the meeting) have greeted all the participants. Read the report in KOLPIVATR bulletin 4(49)-2009.

Local CCBA meeting in "Kruger Holl" on September 12.

Local CCBA meeting in "Kruger Holl" on August 8th.

On July 11th more then 80 collectors from Moscow, S.-Petersburg, Tula, Voronezh, Obninsk, Slovakia (Jan Pokrievka with his family) took part in CCBA local meeting at Ochakovo pavilion of 11th Moscow international beer festival. Ochakovo brewery gave beer and souvenirs for collectors.

Group of CCBA members made beer trip on a route Moscow - Gus-Khrustalny - Murom - Vyksa - Nizhny Novgorod - Lyskovo. Read detailed report in next KOLPIVATR issue.

On April 25-26th "Pivnoy etiket" (PE) club organized the meeting for collectors in Repino near S.-Petersburg. The meeting was dated for 10th anniversary of PE club. Moscow collectors also took part in this meeting. Members of CCBA board V. Polezhaev and Y. Shneider officially congratulated PE's President Mr. P. Bondarenko. Read detailed report in next KOLPIVATR issue.

On April 4th CCBA members and other collectors (96 in all) from BY, RUS, UA, LT, LV, EST, MD took part in 2nd meeting for beer collectors in BY-Minsk. The meeting was well organized by Byelorussian collectors and supported by Petrovich beer producers (local microbrewery). Accessories for exchange: labels, coasters, caps, glass, cans. Souvenirs for participants: T-short, glass, pin, coasters and labels. Read detailed report in next KOLPIVATR issue.

In February 21st CCBA members visited newest brewery plant of Moscow Brewing Company (MBC) in Mytishi near Moscow. Besides beer kvas brand named "Moskvas" was bottled in PET first time on that day. CCBA thanks MBC for invitation to excursion.


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