Group of CCBA members in company with collector friends from Yaroslavl, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Ekaterinburg, Samara, Tula, N.Novgorod and Krasnoyarsk took part in 1st all-Russian meeting of "BeerCult" historical-educational beer community in Yaroslavl, organized by Yaroslavl branch of Baltika brewing co. Transfer to Yaroslavl was for free for every participant. They made city view excursion and brewery tour for us specially. We also had gala dinner and Baltika's beer brands tasting. Small exchange was available. We thank Yaroslavl branch of Baltika brewing co. for organization of the meeting!

13th International exchange meeting for collectors of beer accessories was organized by CCBA with OCHAKOVO brewery sponsorship in Moscow on 30-31.10.2010. There were registered 222 collectors from Russian regions (Central part, Noth-West, Ural, Volga, Kuban, Siberia), Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Slovakia (4 collectors from Porter Club with its head Jan Pokrievka). OCHAKOVO gave 360 litters of light and black draft beer, labels, coasters, Kaltenberg and Ochakovo brend's glasses and other souvenirs for collectors. CCBA made commemorative pin and T-Shirt with meeting's logo for participants. Fast drinking competition and amateur beer tasting of 13% beers were held during the meeting. Read the report in KOLPIVATR bulletin 4(53)-2010.

On February, 17th group of CCBA members have tasted imported beers in Pivnoy Etiket shop: 9 brands with great and saturate taste from Hall & Woodhouse Ltd (England); light and dark beers from Czech Klaster brewery; Swiss beer Appenzeller Hanfblute (Brauerei Locher AG) with hemp aroma; Scotch beers from Williams Bros brewing Co. and BrewDog Ltd., which are different from English brands in much hop bitterness.

On January, 16th CCBA members visited (it seams to be a tradition in the beginning of every year) brewery plant of Moscow Brewing Company (MBC) in Mytishi. Collectors used new chance to observe all workshops of the plant and taste new beers. Excursionists were much glad the possibility to take labels at the bottling section! CCBA thanks MBC for invitation to the excursion.


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